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The Two Hair Transplant Techniques

The Two Hair Transplant Techniques
The Two Hair Transplant Techniques

Today’s generation is very much caring about their hair. Generally hair problems increases during summer and every one want to protect their hairs during summer so that they can stop hair loss in men and women. So there are some ways or precaution if we adopt them than it will protect our hair.

Don’t use cosmetics- in summer seasons there is already too much heat that it affects our hair, so one should try to avoid the use of cosmetics on hair because they all are made of chemicals which really affects our hair badly, another best thing is that not to color your hairs if it is necessary for you to color than color it before arrival of excessive heat weather.

Use of conditioner is very much necessary during hot weather, so one should use such type of conditioner which should suits the hair type.

During hot weather if one has to go out than he must use scarf to cover his hair so that hairs should not be damaged due to heat but if one do not like to wear scarf on his hair than that person must use sun screen that contain maximum SPF by applying that sun screen one should be able to protect his hair from damage from scorching heat Ultraviolet rays  in short UVA rays  which we receive from sun so one avoid excessive sun heat on his hairs because that will damage your hairs so if you want to strengthen your hair one should take a precaution.

Sometimes problem related to hair has been increased so much that only option left is hair transplant in Delhi, India. Very good hair transplant centre’s has been open all over India. Recent studies show that hair problem in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai is much higher than other cities the reason behind it. And studies show that pollution in these cities is very much that is one of the main reasons of hair problem. Another major of hair problem in these cities is the stress that due to high stress level the problem of hair fall is more in these cities. For hair transplant there are two techniques namely Fut. and FUE so one should have to decide by using which technique he should have to hair transplant. Now one should want to what is FUT and FUE. A technique which is called strip technique can be used in which strip of scalp with hair is taken from back head and then all the hairs from that strip is taken  from that strip and all the hairs which are taken from that strip is counted in front of patient. But in FUE method individual follicular unit is directly taken from scalp. In both FUE an FUT there is extraction of smallest hair group.

So these are the two techniques but in FUT little linear is left on back of the head that can see after hair transplant but in FUE little dots can be seen after hair transplant. So choice is yours.

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