Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hair Fall Problem in Youngsters

Hair Fall Problem in Youngsters
Hair Fall Problem in Youngsters

Normally it is seen that most men have to face the problem of hair loss in their lifetime, and with the increasing age this loss may also increase at wide scale. Approximately 12% of men use to experience some hair loss by their twenties. But with the passage of time as the man reaches his fifties then this loss of hair increases to its extreme position. This problem of hair fall use to start with a receding front line but with the passage of time it leaves the patient with completely bald head.

Some times it is also seen that some men easily bear this hair loss problem but on the other hand some males consider it to be one of the great loss which directly or indirectly pours its impact on that person’s personality that he/ she may fail to concentrate on his /her work also. So to cope with hair problem it is very necessary that person should consult the dermatologist so that he may get rid from this hair fall problem for ever.

Except from aging factor hair loss may also takes place if any person is suffering from severe stress? Along with prolonged illness some nutritional changes along with certain hormonal changes which mainly take place in women during the period of their pregnancy period are also responsible for hair falling. These also may cause a reversible type of hair loss. Normally hair fall problem use to occur in any male due to the increased sensitivity to male sex hormones. In the ancient times this major problem of hair loss is use to be taken as something unfortunate but with the advancement in the technology today circumstances get changed a lot. Today medical science achieves a lot of success in controlling this problem of hair fall.

To deal with hair loss problem, hair transplant surgery which is done with the help of Follicular Unit Extraction has emerged as a revolutionary step in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplant surgery is use to done with the help of two main methods which are FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. In true words Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be an advanced step in the evolution of modern Hair Transplant Industry. It is also not wrong to say that FUE has evolved from the older method which is known as Strip Method of hair transplant surgery.

Normally it is seen that individual who undergoes FUE treatment will left with small non-pigmented dots which mainly use to exist around the back of his /her head. And no body will able to see scars until the patient decides to make his head complete bald. No doubt the hair transplant cost in India use to depend on the number of grafts which must be making on the scalp during surgery. All types of equipment along with hospital charges are included in this.

In the end we can say that to solve the hair problem hair transplantation is the best technique. Along with this it is also true that hair transplant surgery is one of the complicated surgeries in which no other factor may pour its impact on the result of cosmetic surgery comparative to doctor’s experience. So before going for the surgery the patient must not feel any hesitation in asking about the experience level of the surgeon.


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