Saturday, 21 May 2016

Is Transplantation of Gray Hair Possible?

Persons with the premature graying and baldness remain doubtful that whether they can get hair transplantation or not  as people believe that gray hair no longer remain healthy and transplantation can be done with only healthy hair follicles so they become hopeless about curing there bald heads.

But is just misconception even people with the gray hair can go through this surgeries. Surgical hair treatment can be done successfully for any texture and color of hair. For being sure for this there is great need to know about the actual fact behind graying.

What is root cause of graying?

Even the gray hairs are also healthy and produced by healthy follicles so roots of these also can be used for hair restoration. Actual cause behind gray hair is not unhealthy follicles but is due to less production of melanin which is pigment that cause color to hair. This pigment is inherited from parents so according to genetic factors at some point person’s hair follicles stop producing hair follicles or produce less which turn the hairs gray.

Imbalance of this pigment can also occur to some nutritional deficiency but these hairs are also as healthy as the others so it is possible to extract and transplant the roots of even gray hairs.

Success of surgery for gray hairs

Success of surgery does not depend on the color of hair follicles it depends on the condition of scalp, Medical history of patient, Health of patient and many other factors.

If you have gray hair then nothing to worry ask for hair transplantation for natural results for lifetime and even transplanted gray hair can be dyed also with proper safety measures suggested by doctors.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

What Are Fractional and CO2 Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments are becoming very popular among the people that are willing to make their skin more glowing and healthy. These treatments are used to rejuvenate skin that got affected due to age and excessive sun exposures.

Basically there are two types of the fractional lasers that work at the multiple levels of skin.

Erbium fractional laser

This is modern type of laser treatment and similar to original non ablative lasers. This works mainly on the people who are below the age of 50 and have moderate scarring and fine lines on the skin. Even it is beneficial to improve the skin tone and texture. This laser treatment can be used to remove the scars of acne or due to some surgery. It can treat the damage of skin due to regular and excessive exposure to sun.

Carbon dioxide laser

CO2 laser or ablative laser works better for the people who are above 50 as it can treat the skin at deeper level so the people who are having wrinkles and sagging skin that can go for this treatment. Even it is beneficial for the deeper scars caused by any reasons.

These lasers treat the skin by vaporizing the cells that got damaged at the surface level. Any person who is having wrinkles, scars and non responsive skin after the face lift can go for this treatment after consulting the doctors. However the people with dark skin tone can’t get much effective results and even stretch marks cannot be treated with these laser treatments.

Results of laser treatment

After getting the treatment on an average basis within a week results can be seen with the smooth and glowing skin. But if you have taken the treatment in multiple sessions then there can be bit delay in the visibility of results

Things to be considered before treatment

This treatment is given on the skin that is without makeup and dirt so the face is cleaned thoroughly before the treatment. Even candidates are asked to remove contact lens before treatment and even if you have permanent makeup then it must be informed to the doctor prior to the treatment