Friday, 26 May 2017

Hair Transplantation Is More Than A Mere Surgery, Mind Where You Are Going

As alopecia sufferers, we tend to mind about the short term goals than the long-term goals. A hair transplant is supposed to be a long-term or perhaps a lifetime solution to hair loss and baldness.

Though a majority knows hair transplant as a procedure where hair grafts are extracted from one region of the scalp and implanted into the affected area, there are many considerations that are made before the procedure.

Hair transplant as a cosmetic surgery
If you have ever suffered from a botched surgery, then you will know what a hair transplant must produce when properly performed. Some patients are left with doll heads and pluggy appearances due to lack of artistry and aesthetic skills by the surgeons.

The required hair grafts
Over harvesting of the donor area is not right, especially when the patient has a lesser density of hair. With FUE, a patient may be informed of the future expectations and a second surgery may be conducted in the future in case body hair transplant is not possible. 

Natural and realistic results
A hair transplant in India is supposed to deliver results that are undetectable by the onlookers. This requires great expertise and skills in calculating the required hair follicles with the right millimeter and implanting them carefully in the small incisions.

So, before you settle down at the hands of any surgeon, let him and his stuff be the best you can probably meet for the hair transplant