Monday, 27 August 2018

Can Environmental Factors Cause Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia, it is getting common these days as even among the youngsters. After the age of 50, more than 85% of men can notice the signs of pattern baldness and even the facts have been revealed that two-thirds of men are suffering from this condition by the age of 35.

Androgenetic alopecia is generally considered as the genetic condition means this type of hair loss problem men inherits from their parents' families. Genes are mainly responsible for the bald patches and receding hairline in men, but there are also some other factors that can add to this problem such as stress, poor diet, medications and some health conditions but the studies have revealed that some environmental factors also add to the problem of male pattern baldness.

Among the environmental factors, air pollution is the common factor that can cause the problem of hair loss. It can be hard to believe that hair loss problem can occur due to pollutants in the air but it is the fact.

How can air pollution lead to hair loss?

We generally hear from the experts that air pollution can add to the respiratory problems, sinus issues and the allergies of skin and other health problems, but now the studies have revealed that air pollution is also culprit that can cause the hair loss problem.

The toxins caused by the industries, cars, fuels and other human activities get missed in the air and pollute it to the extent that it can be difficult to breathe in the air. These air pollutants can lead to various health issues but can also create problems for the scalp. Excessive exposure in the polluted air can cause the itching, redness, sebum secretion; dandruff-like problems in the scalp and even some people get to suffer from the scalp infection due to air pollution.

These scalp issues can weaken the hair follicles and force them to stop growing or enter into the resting phase as a result of which patient can get the symptoms of alopecia.

Moreover, due to air pollution, the hair follicles get brittle and weak so their growth gets slower so gradually they move towards the stage of die out.

Hair loss caused by the air pollution can be temporary and can be prevented with proper care but if you are experiencing the permanent loss of hair then treatments like hair transplant can work for you so that you can get the younger look back.

In India men, hair transplant is mainly considered for the genetic hair loss in men but some men also seek hair transplant in India to get the fuller head of hair with the natural appearance.  


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