Thursday, 22 December 2016

Why does Hair Loss Affects Women?

There are many reasons behind the hair loss problem in women. Also, many women are in search for the answers on why hair loss is affecting them.

But hair transplant technique has greatly solved their problem of hair loss. The industry of hair transplant has the flourishing and bright scope in solving the problem of the hair loss problem. No doubt, there are many treatments to overcome the problem in women but hair transplant is leading surgery among them.

Let us have look on three main reasons of the hair loss in women:

•    Hair thinning
Hair thinning is women results in female pattern hair loss problem in which they get baldness in their crown area. This can be considered same as the male pattern hair loss. This generally occurs because of inheritance or in women it can also be due to hormonal imbalance problem.

•    Hair shedding
The increase in hair shedding is also termed as telogen effluvium. This can cause severe illness problems like typhoid, malaria, poor diet, iron deficiency, and even because of thyroid disorders.

•    Hair breakage
Hair breakage does not mean the breakage from roots but it is the breakage along the length of hair while shampooing, combing and hair styling. Also, the bleaching, coloring, ironing, straightening of hair can make them weak and hence the hair breakage occurs very easily.

Also, there are several lifestyle habits that can make the hair loss in women. To get the permanent solution, you can get the best hair transplant in Chandigarh.

Monday, 19 December 2016


If you want to get the knowledge of Scalp flap surgery technique and how it is done then you can visit our blog post. Scalp flap surgery is one of the techniques to restore your hair on bald region.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Your Hair Says a Lot about You

Are you aware of the thing that your hair can you some early health issues? Below are some of the symptoms that can reflect a bigger picture about you: 

Dry/Brittle Hair

Hair styling with heat or flat iron can make your hair dry. If there is the large damage, breakage or shedding of hair then it can be the sign of dehydration. Drinking more and more water is helpful to you.

Dandruff/Scaly Scalp

Dry scalp with dandruff is very common to individuals. The thing is needed to concern about when it becomes the indication for the immune system.

Thinning Hair

Almost 30% of the women experience during their hormonal imbalance. There is the proper need of consultation from the best doctor. The treatments like hormonal therapy replacement can be helpful.

Premature Graying

Most of the people think that the grey hair is the cause of genetics. But if you are facing the problem of grey hair in early age than your family members then it could be the cause of stress factors.

Short Hairs on Top
If you are having the short hair on your top of the scalp then the reason could be low protein diet food. If you will take enough protein then you can get rid of the breakage problem.

Baldness along the hairline
You can experience the problem of alopecia due to tight braids or ponytails that can lead to the damage of hair follicles. The only treatment for this is hair transplant treatment. However, the cost of hair transplant in India is not that much as compared to other countries.

Receding Hair
Receding hair can happen in both men and women. This can be because of poor nutrition or crash diets. If a woman is suffering from PCOS then the receding hair problem is common to them.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

What is New in Hair Transplant (2016)?

To most of the people, hair transplant is a horrifying disorder. It can greatly destroy one’s confidence and can give rise to the feelings of the depression. Almost 40% of women and 70% of men undergoes some or other procedure to cure the problem of hair loss as they age. But most of the treatments fail when it comes to the growth of the hair. However, the scientists are researching for the new ways to give a permanent end to the hair loss problem. As hair transplantation is the permanent solution that gives effective results for the hair loss problem, there has been a large amount of scientific developments in this field and these innovations will greatly cure the hair loss problem in coming years.

A scientist from California has found a way to create a hair with the help of Pluripotent stem cells. These are basically cells that are derived from the human fetal tissue. It will reveal that how to grow hair using these cells. This is a technique that will be more effective than present hair transplant techniques. These can also be helped in balancing the hair growth and in the formation hair follicles.

Also, the science for the FUE hair transplant gets advanced immensely. This can be done by the technique of extraction of hair from beard to the scalp by the process of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. This technique will help those people who suffered from poor quality of hair or have low hair counts. According to this technique, the facial hair attains a longer growth phase than the other parts of the body. Hence it will remain for the longer time and in larger volume.

These innovations in hair transplant procedure will definitely work to end the hair loss problem.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Laser Hair Transplant and its Benefits

As you know hair loss problem is increasing day by day. In India many people suffering from hair loss problem. Around 70 % of men facing hair baldness problem in India. Sometimes hair loss cause in medical hair loss and another may be it becomes the poor nutrition. So hair transplant is one of the best ways to stop hair baldness problem permanently. There are two types of transplant procedures first is slit grafts and second is micro grafts. Slit graft is one of the best types of transplant procedures it contains 4-10 hair per grafts and the micrografts contain 1 to 2 hair per graft. Recovery of hair loss problem improves your self-confidence and appearance. So overall hair transplant in India is the best and effective way to stop hair problem. Now we discuss one of the best hair transplant techniques that are laser hair transplant
Laser hair transplant
Laser hair transplant is one of the most popular and best hair transplant techniques. Laser hair treatment offers quickly growth of denser hair after the surgery that’s why laser hair treatment is most popular in medical history. After the surgery, you can get the natural looking hairs within 12 weeks. This is the medical approved and many clinical researches are offering a wide range of hair baldness treatment.
Here some important benefits of laser hair transplant
Quick hair growth
Laser hair transplant provides the quick hair growth to the patient at very less time and also increase the hair density after the laser hair transplant surgery that’s why most people go with laser hair treatment.
Best surgery for male and female hair loss
Laser hair transplant is one of the best and suitable treatment for those people who facing the hair baldness problem.
Laser hair transplant provides you to fuller, shinier, softer and thicker hair after the hair treatment at very less time. After the surgery you don’t use any chemical processing on hair such as rebounding, straitening, coloring etc.
Time-saving and economical treatment
Laser hair transplant is the time-saving treatment. It requires very less time as compared to others hair transplant techniques and this is very economical treatment anyone can easily afford the money.
 Long lasting and reliable result
The last and the important advantages of the laser hair transplant. After the treatment, you can get the best and guaranteed result at very less time.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Main 3 Benefits of Laser Hair Transplant

Laser hair transplant is the latest technique to treat hair loss problem in less than 24 hours. This hair transplant is done by the licensed expert surgeons in their clinics. The clinic must have all the required pieces of equipment for the laser hair transplant before starting the course of action.

But have you ever thought that why should you prefer laser hair transplant treatment instead of other hair transplants? Below are the main three advantages that you can get with laser hair transplant treatment over the others:

1. Use of no needles
The process of the laser hair transplant is done with the power of the laser, therefore, there is no need of needle. Hence you need not have to endure the pain of needle insertion. Most of the people are afraid of the needles and for them, this treatment is the best option. With the help of a concentrated red light, your bald spot can be circled out.

2. Lesser the side-effects
Many experts claimed that there are no side-effects related with laser hair transplant treatment but some patients have suffered from a headache or nausea. But these effects are not serious as compared to the bleeding or scarring that occurred in others. Consultation is the must with your doctor about your good shape.

3. No anesthesia
Anesthesia is the procedure that is required for almost every surgery in order to numb your body from pain. In laser hair transplant treatment, you can get the bearable pain from the laser and there is no need for anesthesia.

Get affordable laser hair transplant in India with permanent and natural looking hair on your scalp.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

The modern hair transplantation technique was first developed in 1930 in Japan.  In this surgery surgeon used grafts to help recover eyebrow and eyelashes and scalp hair. This is not the male baldness treatment. In 1950 the first the first hair transplant techniques are invented that is FUT. It is also known as the strip surgery and to become the forest popular hair transplant procedure. This is the surgical procedure in this hair is removed from the back of the head and then extracted or implanted in the balding area.

FUE and its development over the last ten years

FUE hair transplant is also known as follicular unit extraction and this is the different hair transplant method was first developing this technique in 1990 by Australian physicians Dr ray wood. The FUE hair transplant is a scar free method and the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. Most of the celebrity who get the best hair transplant treatment using then-popular FUE hair transplant techniques. The main advantages of FUE hair transplant are that the scarring is FUE hair transplant is minimal. With the help of small punches holes, the scar is visible after the surgery.


The complications of the hair transplant treatment are very less that why most of the people choose hair transplant treatment for hair loss problem. But the patient feel little bit infection, itching and pain after the treatment but some days you feel relax and you can do their regular activities easily.
Hair transplant in Amritsar provides you to natural looking and shinier hair. If anyone has any query then you can freely contact us at any time.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

FUT or FUE — which hair transplant is right for you?

Hair transplantation is the perfect and is the greatest success in the medical science. This is one of the best methods for getting back hair very easily.  Hair transplant is the surgical procedure in which hair follicles are chosen for the quality of the hair and removed from the back of the head and the transplanted in the bald area.  The entire hair transplant procedure is done under the local anesthesia.  So patients do not feel any pain during the hair transplant surgery. That’s why most of the people choose hair transplantation treatment. There are two most important methods to remove the grafts very easily. FUE and FUT the permanent solutions of the hair loss problem.
FUT or FUE — which hair transplant is right for you?
In the FUE hair transplantation, each follicular unit is individually taken directly from the scalp area and there is no need of any tissues. This is one of the best and advanced hair transplant procedure. Here some key advantages of FUE hair transplant procedure.
• No linear scars
• No cuts and no stitches are made
• Recovery time is less

The FUT process occupies extraction of a small strip of tissue from the back of the head in which the donor hair follicles will be removed. This is one of the finest hair transplant procedure and covering a large bald area at the single time. Here some key advantages of FUT hair transplant procedure.
• The scars are hidden
• Complete baldness can be covered in one go.
Post surgery care
It is very important to follow post care instructions and you can take proper care of your grafted hair. After the hair transplant surgery you feel little bit pain so don’t worry about it. You can take some antibiotics, steroids, and painkiller for some days.  Wash your hair with mild shampoo and clean then gently.
Why should you go for FUE method?
• Most of the people want to wear a short hair style
• Those people who want fast recovery
• Those people who do not want to feel any pain during surgery.

• People who do not want and stitches or cuts.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Some Post Surgery Instructions

• After the hair transplant procedure you feel little bit pain but don’t take serious after some time you feel relax. If you feel so much pain then you can immediately consult to your hair transplant surgeon.

• Make sure you take some medicines as prescribed but don’t take any medicines with empty stomach. First eat something then take medicines.

• Take proper and heavy diet after the hair transplant treatment. Take some proteins, irons and vitamins that are very beneficial for your hair.

• Avoid spicy food, alcohol and cigarette after the hair restoration procedure. And also use soft pillow for sleeping.


Make sure you follow your hair transplant surgeon instruction to remove your bandage. Don’t wet you hair while bathing and you can clean your grafts regularly. You follow all the instruction of the hair transplant surgeon very carefully.

Do not rub or comb your grafts

After the hair transplant do not rub or comb your hair. After the few weeks you can use comb.


After 2 weeks take a walk or do normal exercise but, do not stretch your head

Post operative swelling

Post operative swelling is common so don’t take and tension. After some days swelling can be invisible.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Is It Realistic To Expect Thicker Hair?

People seek for thicker and natural hair even after the hair loss so adopt various treatment options but hair transplant remain always there first choice as it is the procedure that can meet their expectations.
Adults also seek for surgeries so that they can come up with the lush mane. FUT hair transplant is technique that can offer the great results to such patients and even it has been the talk of town. Popularity and success ratio of this procedure has made it widely acceptable all over the world.
What is the procedure?
As we know the human hairs grow in clusters of 1-3 follicles and these clusters are called follicular units. In the follicular unit transplant technique belt of healthy hair follicles is removed and after separating them in the natural clusters the excess tissue around the unit are trimmed. In the procedure as clusters are very small in size so leaves hardly visible scarring after extraction.
Due to minimal damage of tissues while removal and less visible scars the success rate for this procedure is higher. But for the successful hair transplant in Pathankot there is need for the experienced hands with the artistic skills only then desired look can be obtained.
Even patients can restore their hair with thicker appearance of them with this result oriented procedure so it has become realistic to dream for the thicker locks even after the severe baldness as this procedure can restore hair as per the expectations of the patient up to great extent.