Thursday, 24 May 2018

Hair Transplants in Young Individuals- Think Twice!

Do not follow the trend or being pressurized to undergo a hair transplant in the name of stopping hair loss. There is a lot that many young individuals ought to know about hair transplants. A hair transplant in India is a procedure where a surgeon takes strong or DHT resistant hair follicles from one region of your scalp to the bald or thinning region.

However, individuals below the age of 25 and individuals with grade six or seven of baldness must be cautious before undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Baldness or hair thinning in young fellows

Hair loss in young individuals may occur due to a series of reasons, but the main factor goes down to the DHT receptors. Testosterone’s effect on hair follicles is less, but when it is bonded with dihydrotestosterone, hair loss is triggered. This active hormone attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss

In young males, hair loss isn’t stable and that is the main reason as to why individuals who undergo a hair transplant at the age of 23 or 24, end up experiencing hair loss after a year.

Solutions, in this case, would be;
Therapies like PRP or Mesotherapy
Dihydrotestosterone blockers
Nonsurgical treatments like Minoxidil or Finasteride
Hair patch wigs or laces
Hair products like shampoos and oils

On the other hand, in case a young man of 25 is determined to undergo a hair transplant procedure, the best advice is to consult an experienced surgeon. In this case, the surgeon will recommend medications to impact the DHT and within a year, one can undergo a hair transplant.