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The Main Cause behind Hair Fall Problem

The Main Cause behind Hair Fall Problem
The Main Cause behind Hair Fall Problem

We all know that hair use to play an important role in everybody’s life so it becomes our prime duty to take proper care of our hair which is made of protein mainly. Generally it is seen that after crossing their middle age men and women starts experiencing some thinning or losing of hair then that problem of hair fall seems to be normal but instead of it if anybody starts experiencing excess of hair fall in young age then it becomes very necessary that person should consult his /her doctor immediately. Along with this another major fact regarding with hair fall problem is that the average person uses to lose about 100 hairs a day. But in the case of abnormal hair loss person has to face a great shedding of his/her hair. In such situation it becomes necessary to understand the root cause of falling or shedding hairs. Normally several reasons are responsible behind any type of hair loss in any men and women. The Hair Transplant in India is the best techniques to re-grow the hair Follicles on the bald surfaces of the scalp.

Some males has to suffer from the problem of male pattern baldness which mainly occurs in males because it is their hereditary problem which means that it usually run from one generation to another. It is believed that any male has to face baldness because of the problem of oversensitive hair follicles in men which use to exist in the holes in the skin which normally contain the roots of each hair which further linked to the did hydro testosterone hormone. In the case of excess DHT hair automatically starts becoming thinner and its growth level also slows down. One can also ignore this fact that the whole process of balding hair is a gradual procedure because different follicles use to affect different people at different times.

There is no doubt in this fact that women also has to face hair fall problem at wide range but the main reason of this hair loss is not clear because several reasons may responsible due to which any female may has to face this hair loss problem at wide range. It is seen that those women who have been through the menopause may use to suffer from this problem of hair falling at wider range because they use to suffer from the problem of having fewer females’ hormones due to which hair of female starts shedding with a great speed.

Another main reason due to which female suffers from heavy hair fall is the change that takes place in the body of any female due to the changing of hormonal level in the body of the woman. FUE Hair Transplant is one of the advanced techniques for the hair transplant surgery.  Sometimes it is also seen that those woman who use to face some deficiency in their body regarding different vitamins in that case woman has to face hair fall problem at wide range. Except from this it is also seen that some women suffers from excessive stress and also may suffer from the lack of proper nutrition’s in the body then they has to face  hair fall problem.

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