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Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair Transplantation Treatment
Hair Transplantation Treatment

We all see around us that millions of people are experiencing hair loss. Along with it another major fact is that some people see their hair re-grow without doing anything but nothing this sort of happen in all cases some people need treatment for their hair to re-grow. For this purpose they have to consult a doctor.

Normally it is seen that hair loss use to take place due to some certain reasons. It may be occur due to illness, due to the diet, due to medicine or in the case of childbirth. If any person is suffering from gradual hair loss then there is a possibility that the person may have been suffering from hereditary hair loss. However certain hair care practices are also available through which one can simply avoid the problem of hair loss. Usually to cope with the problem of hair loss FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery is use to done.
It is seen that FUE technique of hair transplant is mainly adopt by the youngsters to cope with the problem of hair loss. In this technique individual’s follicular units which use to contain 1 to 4 hairs are usually removed with the help of local anesthesia.

For the removal of these follicular units surgeon uses very small micro blades or fine needles so that they may easily puncture the sites for receiving the grafts. After that the surgeon placed them in a predetermined density and pattern.

FUE hair transplanting procedure use to take place in a single long session or multiple small sessions. This technique of hair transplant considered to be more time consuming. Under this technique all remaining hair on a patient head being extracted and it is did again and again until the  whole process of transplanting hair is not get complete and in the case if surgeon feels need then the  patient has to undergo the whole procedure even for a couple of days too.

But after the operation the patient has to wait for the extracted hair to be harvested and then being re-inserted back into recipient sites, which are able to receive the revived hair and allow this transplanted hair to grow naturally.

It is also seen that individuals who undergoes FUE treatment will be left with many small non-pigmented dots. Due to very minute size of scars it is possible that very few people are able to see it with their naked eye. In fact regarding this one major fact which is true that, that unless the patient decides to completely shave his head, these scars will not be noticeable.

No doubt many hair transplant clinics claim that the main benefit of FUE treatment is that no scars will be left on the patients head after the surgery. But this is not true because this similar sort may happen in very rare cases. After going through the above discussion it becomes clear that FUE is latest and most rewarding hair transplant in India this technique is perform by only a team of well experienced doctors and qualified surgeon is needed because in the case of negligence the patient may suffer from great problem.


  1. Thanks for this article on FUE, which is the most widely used hair transplant method. When chosing a hair transplant provider it is necessary to consider various aspects, such as:

    1) Always ask your general practitioner (e.g. your family physician) for advice before contacting your hair clinic. It is good to have an "independent" advice from someone who knows most about your health issues and is not in business with hair transplant providers.

    2) If your GP approves your decision, select your hair transplantation provider carefully. Always go and check the overall appearance of the center (e.g. if the place is not clean the operating theatre will probably not be clean, either). The same goes for staff. It the staff is too salesy and try to put pressure on you without giving proper explanation of advantages and drawbacks of each transplant procedure it is probably not the best choice for you.

    3) Read about available hair transplant procedures before visiting your future provider to get some general and independent information on available methods from reliable sources (you may want to check out our recent post comparing hair transplant procedures without promoting any particular hair transplant center -

    4) Make sure that your procedure is performed by a real doctor with qualifications from a reliable and renowned medical school.

    These are just my too cents to selection of hair transplant provider.

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