Monday, 23 July 2018

5 Easy And Simple Exercises Can Restore The Muscles Of Your Vagina

Exercises are the best way to keep our body fit and fine and even contribute to restore the strength and tightness of body muscles. Vaginal muscles are no exception as they can also be trained with some specific exercises. There is no doubt that tight vagina muscles can improve the sexual life of female but also prevent urine infections and other diseases related to the vagina. Only a few females are there who exercise their vagina to restore the strength of their vagina rest of all either forget or do not even bother.
It is important to keep the vagina healthy by trained muscles so you must start some simple exercises as follows
Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises are proposed by Arnold Kegel in 1940 as a method of incontinence so these are good to tone sphinxes and to train muscles. During the exercise, you are supposed to contract and squeeze the vaginal walls for minimum 6-8 seconds during the empty bladder. This exercise should be repeated 10 times and two to three times a day for better results.
Chinese balls
Chinese balls are two balls connected with a rope and each ball contains the smaller ball. These balls should be inserted like a tampon in the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor and it also gives you a pleasurable feeling. You can try this exercise for the maximum of 15 minutes a day. It can be done by pushing out the balls with the vagina or can also be done with Kegel exercise after inserting balls inside.
Vertical scissors
Imitating the scissor movement with your legs while lying down looking up can also strengthen your vaginal muscles as it is the exercise for your pelvic area.
Elevating hips
Elevating hips is a common yoga position that is quite useful for your body and even for vaginal muscles. You can do this positional activity by lying down, face in an upward position with your feet and your hands should be on the floor. You can place a ball between your knees and elevate your hips for 10 seconds to activate your pelvic floor. One thing must be kept in mind that your whole strength should be concentrated in muscles, not in the abdomen or buttocks.
Squatting is a simple exercise to strengthen your buttocks but it can also tighten your pelvic floor. You can hold this position of standing up straight, putting feet at the shoulder position and going down with your buttocks, for few seconds and can repeat 30 times.
Above are few exercises that can help you to have a healthy and tight vagina but some women could not restore their vaginal muscles with these exercises then they can go for Laser Vaginal tightening treatment in India to get the best results.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Thinning Hair? Look Here

Every product or method has a set of standards to follow. The same goes for the medical techniques. As far as hair transplant is concerned, Propecia or Finasteride is the standard preservative and hair thickening agent.

The hair thickening agents explained

Propecia-It preserves the thinning hair which if left untreated will lead to balding. This medication is administered orally. It successfully hinders the functioning of the DHT Receptors. The DHT Receptors are responsible for the thinning out and falling of the hair.DHT, commonly known as Dihydrotestosterone is a naturally occurring chemical which is the leading cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Rogaine which is chemically minoxidil is a medication which is to be applied topically. The application is to be done on the scalp area.It increases the blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn leads to increment in the thickness of hair.

Both the medicines can be used in combination or individually. While individual results might be less effective, the combined effect will definitely be better. The results are better when both the medicines are used in combination. The patients have noticed thicker hair when they used both.

When the above two fail 

The above mentioned two methods are the proven medical solution to thinning hair. But these medications prove ineffective in the areas where the follicles have died out. This is where transplant comes in. In short, the only ray of hope for the patients with hair loss due to dead hair follicles is Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a technique which comes as a ray of hope for the millions of people bogged down by the trauma of excessive hair loss. The procedure is surgical in nature in which the hair follicles are collected from a donor site and transplanted to the recipient site,which is facing the hair loss. The process solves the problem of baldness with minimum cuts. The technique is also used to restore hair in areas other than the head. It could be used for restoration of eyelashes, beard, chest or the eyebrows. Hair Transplant in India has emerged as a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure of restoring one's crowning glory. The main techniques followed for the same- FUT and FUE. While Follicular Unit Transplant includes strip method in which strips of hair are extracted from certain areas of head which have abundant hair (like the back and the sides). The individual grafts are extracted after dissection from the strip.FUE uses fine needles to make the grafts and then finally place them in a certain pattern and density. Both the procedures are used as effective ways to combat hair loss.