Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Disturbed With Hair Loss Problem

Disturbed With Hair Loss Problem
Disturbed With Hair Loss Problem

In today’s world problem of hair loss in men and women is very common. Most of the people who are suffering from hair problem. There are some ways to protect hair. Wash hair with mild shampoo in order to clean hair it is suggested that one should wash his hair regularly because it not only clean the hair but also increases the life because clean scalp is necessary for healthy hair, so one should use mild shampoo in order to clean his hair.

Smoking and drinking - smoking and drinking both are considered very bad for growth of hairs it will lessen the growth and decreases the strength of hair that result hair fall. Stress – high stress is another reason of hair fall so one should try to lessen the stress, so one should lessen the stress level for lessen the hair fall.

Excessive uv rays are also damage hair which result hair fall so one should protect his hair from excessive uv rays. One should not heat up his hair by pressing them because it will cause huge damage to the hair and result hair fall.

If any person is suffering from partial baldness or complete baldness than in today’s scientifically advance era there is solution of every problem so there is no need to worry because one should go for hair transplant and it is very popular these days or we can also it is a latest trend because very good or excellent transplant center has been open all over India  and in metropolitan cities like Delhi , Mumbai , Chandigarh people will get last of option of hair transplant centre from which one they one they want to get their hair transplant done and it is available at very affordable price so that any person who is suffering from partial or complete baldness should afford it now.

In these cities life of people are very busy and they want to go for hair transplant at a clinic which is within their city so there is a good news for them that profile hair centre has its branches in all these cities and profile hair centre is one of the most successful and excellent clinic which give very good results in past years. There are two methods of hair transplant in India one is FUE and another is FUT. A technique which is called strip technique can be used in which strip of scalp with hair is taken from back head and then all the hairs from that strip is taken  from that strip and all the hairs which are taken from that strip is counted in front of patient. So these are the two techniques but in FUT little linear is left on back of the head that can see after hair transplant but in FUE little dots can be seen after hair transplant so one can go for hair transplant through FUT or FUE whichever he thinks fit for her.

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  1. The main reason is that our diet doesn't contain any nutrition that affect our scalp to grow hair strong enough to fight against other polluted chemical,smoke ,hygienic water pollution etc and as well other reason you explain in your article,but modern technique like FUE,FUT and PRP are highly chooses treatment for hair treatment and transplant ,and for these you can visit Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad and can take best treatment regarding hair problem