Friday, 13 November 2015

A new hair transplant technique against baldness

US researchers have found an experienced hair transplantation technique in mice to regrow up to six times more hair than current methods, according to a recently published study.By grafting eg 200 hair in a frame and with a particular density, the scientists were able to regrow hair until 1200, they say in their study published in the American scientific journal Cell.
He explained that an injury affecting a hair follicle, the cavity in which the hair grows, affects their immediate environment which in turn may also affect hair regeneration.From this observation, researchers thought to act on the hair environment to enable a greater number of follicles.

Hair Transplant in Delhi To test this hypothesis, Dr.  and his team have implanted 200 hair follicles one at a time in different configurations on the back of a mouse.When these hairs were implanted within low density exceeding six millimeters each other, there was no plundering regeneration.But implanted spaced circles of only three to five millimeters, the follicles have helped regenerate 450-1300 some hair implants outside the area.These investigators have shown that this process of hair restorer was based on the principle known as quorum sensing system in which a cell responds to stimuli that affect in other but not all.In this case, it is the response of the hair follicle to the implementation of other follicles.Molecular analyzes have shown that implanting follicles caused as in the vas injury a distress signal by releasing inflammatory proteins that mobilize immune cells.These cells in turn secrete molecules that reaching a certain concentration reported to implanted follicles and others that it's time to grow hair."It is possible that these same processes exist in other organs regeneration" notes Dr.