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Some Major Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

Some Major Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery
Some Major Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

Normally people use to mix hair transplantation process with hair replacement. But in true sense hair replacement process comprises of using synthetic as well as human hair to cover a bald spot of the human scalp. But the major fact which deals with the hair replacement technique is that it demands a professional styling to blend with the natural hairline of the patient. In the hair replacement systems  it is seen that hair pieces  which  are used to adhere to the edge of the bald spot with the help of certain clips, tapes, or  may be with the help of liquid it directly or indirectly may give rise to many problems for delicate hair follicles. On the other hand hair transplantation surgery in comparison to hair replacement is a permanent solution which requires no further maintenance. In this way hair transplantation surgery works to replace one's lost hair.

Normally this whole procedure of surgery is used to done with the help of a local anesthesia. Doctors usually give this to the patient so that he / he may not suffer from any sort of pain. As we all know that to cope with the problem of hair loss a variety of techniques of hair transplant in India are available out of which Micro-Mini grafting and Follicular Unit Transplants are main. But it is essential that before going for the surgery the patient must know about all minute facts that use to deal with this surgery because in the case of ignorance the patient may suffer from many problems in their coming future.

Some major side effects of hair transplant surgery are as under:-

1.         After surgery patient may suffer from bleeding problem.

2.         Patient may also face the swelling problem for few days after the surgery.

3.         Sometimes the patient has to face itching in wounds.

4.         In the case of ill treatment the patient may suffer from different infections.

5.         Patient may also have to face the numbness problem or lack of sensation.

6.         The patient may feel extra tightness in his /her scalp after the surgery.

7.         This also quite possible that in some cases patient may feel lot of pain and discomfort after the surgery.

8.         This is also seen that due the doze of anesthesia which is use to given to the patient at the time of surgery sometimes any sort of allergies may also take place.

The point of great importance is that during one sitting or in one session thousands of hair may get transplant. And after the gap of at least ten days the patient’s stitches may get removed. But this does not mean that patient does not need to visit again to the surgeon. He /she may have to visit the surgeon at least three or four times only then he /she may able to enjoy those hair which they ever desire to have. So while going for hair transplant in India surgery not only growth level of hair is important but along with this point the another major fact which use to play an active role is that the new hair or in other words we can say the hair which use to arise after the hair transplantation procedure must look normal and natural which use to depend only on the artistic hands of the doctor.

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  1. True objective of the Hair transplant is getting results with natural appearing hair line and right density of growing lifelong permanent hairs without any signs of treatment being noticeable. Amalgamation of microsurgical techniques and skills over the last decade, has contributed greatly towards achieving complete naturalness without any side effects. With the concept of micrografts and gigasession, a greater amount of hairs can now be harvested and transplanted leading to dramatic change of self-image to a confident look.

  2. Hair transplant side effects can be minimal if your surgery is done by a good and experienced doctor. But when severe negative side effects of hair transplants occur, such as : infection,swelling,bruising around the eyes,itching and numbness on the treated areas of the scalp , we often supplement a hair loss procedure with medications to reduce possible side effects of the surgery http://www.healthkeeda.com/10-side-effects-hair-transplant-surgery/

    1. http://www.healthkeeda.com/10-side-effects-hair-transplant-surgery/

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