Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hair Transplantation After Care

1. Though person may feel comfortable immediately after surgery but to take proper rest is very crucial for complete recovery

2. A bandage over the donor area will be placed in case of FUT hair transplantation. But in case of FUE, the area will be left uncovered. But to protect the head from infection cap type plastic cloth will be placed.

3. The recipient sites should be allowed to heal completely by following complete prescribed steps.

4. Person need to even sleep carefully so that the recipient area don’t touch anything and proper exposure to hair should be made to air so that the healing process progresses.

5. In the initial few days, the patient has to take full care that the head does not touch anything and thus any activity in which there is risk of head to get touched by anything should be simply avoided for e.g. Like playing any game through head, to do comb on the head etc.

6. The head should not be washed in the initial two days after transplant.

7. Patient is advised not to take stress as with stress blood pressure may go drastically low or high. And in both the conditions transplanted hair will fall leading to complete shock treatment.

8. The person can get back to routine normal routine after he is entirely healed. It varies from person to person. For some it can be only two days, for others it can vary to a week. So all depends upon the patient hair texture and skin type and how the body responds to the medications provided.

9. For the proper hair growth and to prevent hair from future hair fall, some good cosmetic specialists prescribe some pills which need to be taken regularly by the patient. These pills are not compulsive by nature but still if one followed than further results can be made far better.

10. The scalp should be made protected from direct exposure to sunlight. This protective level should be maintained for a period of six months at least. Thus we can simply say that till hair transplant does not get fully mature till then avoid going in sunlight or else cover the head except till doctor advises you to now you can wear cap.

11. Some people who get the sun exposure point unnoticed have some bit poor hair transplant results and their scalps have discolored as well.
Conceivable swelling

An extremely basic symptom amid the initial 2-3 days after the surgery is swelling. It happens on the upper piece of the head and under the eyes. This symptom is so obvious after a hair transplant system. Swelling vanishes totally 4 days after the surgery. 10 days after the operation, benefactor territories may encounter redness and tingling; neck strain is additionally likely. These conditions are makeshift and any sort of uneasiness ought to vanish inside one month.

Thus hair transplant is a life changer and will satisfy one with his looks which are most crucial part of one’s life.

Hair transplant Re-grow

How we can Re-grow our hair back and what is the solution to Re-grow our hair. So the best solution to re-grow our hair is go for some medication. Like you have to take some medicine that will help your hair to re-grow yes that is one of the best solution this type of information you Are getting from many newspaper ,websites ,journals but yes this is totally false the best solution for the hair Regrow is to go for hair transplant. So the hair transplant is one of the best treatments we can say which will help you to regrow your hair. So if you want to regain back your hair than only and only solution is hair transplant. None medicine will re-GROW your hair back so it is a false information which you are receiving about hair transplant so let’s decided that only hair transplant is one of the best option so let’s discuss what are the techniques we have to use for hair transplant
First technique is hair transplant using FUE.

FUE hair transplant is one of the best techniques for hair transplant it is one of the surgical technique and using this technique you can go for hair transplant. But mind one thing this technique is costly as compare to other techniques so when we want to go for FUE hair transplant, we have to take care about our budget and also we have to take care that before going to this technique we have to find some good centre that has good doctor that can do it as good as he can. So let’s start discuss about the hair transplant technique that is FUE. FUE is one of the Stitch less, Cut less, bloodless technique and it is one of the best technique for those who afraid from the blood, scar and cut. So there is so many people who even afraid from the injection and this technique is for them even this technique has some blood expels when doctor is performing the hair transplant but this technique is one of the best technique. So in this technique the hair which are at the back of the head (donor area). Are extracted and than that hair are planted on the front part of the head. So when the hair is planted at the front part of the head that hair are Regrow and the result in the one of the best hair. So with the help of FUE you can regain your hair back that is the truth of hair transplant using FUE.

Let’s discuss about FUT. In FUT the hair which are taken from the back of the head are taken in the form of the strip and that Is why FUT is called the strip surgery and this is one of the best technique and people use this technique as much as they want it is somehow painful technique and the result is also very good in this technique but it is stitch technique or we can strip technique. So visit some hair transplant centre in India and go for best hair loss treatment for men and women.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hair fall reasons

Hair transplant in India

1. Frequent use of chemical products: Shampoo, oils which we are using today they have chemical in it and that will cause serious hair problems actual the chemical in hair effects the hair at so much extend even our hair start whiting due to the effect of the chemical so to avoid such white hair we have to use shampoo and conditioner not regularly as this may affect our hair growth and to avoid this we have to use some natural method like use of curd on hair because that will prevent our hair from loss.

2. Junk food: Junk food is one of the main source of hair loss we people use junk food more and more and that is the major cause of hair loss because junk food when consumes it provide no nutrition and it takes away all the nutrition values and so we have to avoid intake of junk food and start doing some other practice when we want to eat junk food we have to avoid it and we have to take some healthy diet to avoid this junk food.

 3. Harsh weather conditions: we use Ac’s in our rooms, offices that is one of the main cause of hair loss  because extend use of these cause our hair damage and we have to avoid the use of such air conditioners as these are not good for our hair and they led to the hair fall.

 4. Gender: as the hair fall is in both men and women so there is no such distinction there only difference in the baldness is the hair fall in women in women is not so noticeable as in case of men, in women the hair transplant is not so successful as in case of men and the hair loss pattern in women and men are different both have different pattern of baldness.

 5 Sleep deprivation: the cause of hair loss is one which is related to your sleep as we people take poor sleep that also cause of hair loss so if not take proper sleep than its lead to the hair loss in us so it is necessary that we take proper sleep to avoid any hair loss.

 6  Medications and treatments: some time person suffering from a disease that is not cure without medicine for that he/she has to consume some medicine that have adverse effect on our hair so to avoid such medicine effects we have to take some vitamins for hair that will cause of that will neutralize the effect of the medicine. but sometimes some medicine and patients who are suffering from disease like cancer in that case radio waves cause a lot of damage to our hair so we have to avoid that and use some proper medication and treatments.

So this is all about the hair and its factors which are cause of hair loss so those who have hair loss and baldness the only solution for them is to go for hair transplant. So if you want good hair transplant in India than you have to visit some centres in Punjab, Ludhiana

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hair And Its Care

We all know this truth that hair like our skin and our nail often acts as a barometer of general health. In the case if one’s hair are healthy then they surly look good. But in the case if any person is suffering from health problems then he /she may suffer from hair fall problem. So it becomes clear that if any one wants to enjoy healthy hair then he /she must try to apply or do all sort of things to their hair also. For the fulfillment of this purpose it is very essential that one must eat all those fruits and vegetables which are good source of vitamins and minerals which may prove to be a source of good benefit in erasing all those deficiencies which directly and indirectly plays a major role by increasing hair fall problem at wide range.

To eradicate the problem of hair fall from it roots it is necessary that one must try to consume protein rich diet along with this one may also try to drink adequate water.
Because as we all know this truth that water is very essential for the human body and it pours a good impact on person’s body. Another major ingredient which is a true source of all sorts of vitamins and proteins is spinach. Normally it is seen that any person may suffer from hair fall problem if he /she is suffering from iron deficiency at wide range. In such a typical situation spinach act as a wonderful medium to avoid hair fall because along with iron it also uses to contain sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair and it plays an important role by minimizing  the problem of hair fall.

Along with spinach one must also take omega-3 acid rich food. Mostly it is seen that oysters and fishes are good and true career of omega-3 acids.

Another necessary component which also plays an important role by creating great hindrance in the way of hair fall is that one must also eat such food items which is a good career of magnesium, potassium and calcium that plays an important role by maintaining healthy scalp and also lustrous hair.

Another important way to control falling hair is that one must try to keep his hair neat and clean because dirty hair get infected easily due to which hair  starts falling at wide range.

One must try to adopt good and soft shampoos to avoid extra hair fall because it mostly occurs in many cases that all hard shampoos pours a bad impact on one’s hair due to which hair starts falling with a great speed.

To avoid hair fall problem to great extent one must also try to make his /her habit of using coconut oil on his /her hair. Because due to the regular messaging of oil on hair  the roots of one’s hair may become very strong due to which very few chances of their falling may left.
While applying conditioner or shampoo on hair one must try to pay more attention towards the scalp or may on the roots so that these may become dirt free. Only then any person may get success in enjoying healthy hair.

Baldness and what is the solution for baldness?

Baldness is the term which is refer to the bald head means a person who is bald he has a bald head. So let’s discuss is baldness is in males or females? The baldness is in both. So let’s discuss this in brief. first of all I want to discuss male baldness and what are the solution for it
Male baldness and its solution
In male the baldness starts from the front of the head because there is no hormone we can say that effects the male head from back only it can affect the front pattern so the male baldness is the baldness which we can say connected to the frontal part of the head. Let’s discuss about the solution of the male baldness. The male baldness can be cure with the help of two techniques

First is hair transplant.
Second is hair weaving?
First one is hair transplant: hair transplant is a technique in which we go for two techniques hair transplant using fue and second one is fut. and this technique is very much common India if you type hair transplant in India you will find good centre’s So we can say FUE hair transplant and second one is fut hair transplant so these two are the techniques for hair transplant. So let’s discuss them in short
Fue hair transplant is also called body hair transplant because if the donor area of the person is too short that we can’t take enough hair than we can go for body hair transplant
Second one is fut hair transplant which is called the strip level transplant in this technique we can go for the strip of hair which is taken from the back of the head and then the hair are extracted and transplanted to the front part of the head. so this is the technique which is very common these days it is a surgical technique and one should has to go for this technique over fue as this has good results
Now let’s discuss about the hair weaving
Hair weaving is the temporary solution it is we can a Wig which is design for your head and you can wear it and you will look quite young but if you go in crowdie place than people can easily judge your hair that you have artificial one not original one. So that one is the effect of hair weaving. So hair weaving is the wig technique.

Now let’s discuss about the female hair loss
In female hair loss is very common and in female the hair loss is more than males but due to long hair the baldness is not so much visible as in case of male hair. So the best solution is to go for first mesotherapy technique. As in mesotherapy the female is giving the treatment and the hair loss is preventing in some cases it is not so best technique we can say. It has some good results in some cases. And finally if they want new hair than they have to go for hair transplant that is the only and final option we can we have for female hair loss.

Hair Transplant Centre in Punjab | India

Hello friends I am writing some article regarding Hair Transplant Centre in Punjab | India  I want that after reading this article you people will aware of some fake Centres and you people will get some good Centres for yourself and also the main motive of this article is to tell you people some good points regarding the hair transplant and how this technique is good to retain back your hair and how you will find some good centre’s and how your approach the doctor and how you have to proceed for this hair transplant surgery and how much is the cost of the hair transplant?
So all these question of the audience will be cleared in this article but there is a great demand of hair transplant that I am damn sure especially hair transplant in India and its state like Punjab because people from this state are in abroad so if they need any surgery or any medical need they visit the website of the doctors and book their appointment and they are feel very satisfied from the doctors here in India because there are two main reason why the people visit India for the treatment first one is cost ration there is a lot of difference in cost of the patients those patients who visited India they are damn sure that they save their half of the money as in abroad the cost of medical surgeries and consultancy  so India is one of the world famous country for the medical tourism and the people from the abroad visiting India every year and especially some states like Mumbai, Chandigarh, Punjab etc so this article main motive is to aware you people that whenever you visit India you people have the knowledge about the states where you get good treatment for your medical. So let’s discuss about the hair transplant centre in India. In India when I last visited I am from Canada and last winter I visited India for hair transplant and I search over the internet and I found Dr Vikas Gupta who is no one doctor in this field and he has done very good well I am totally satisfied with the hair transplant that he has done of mine. He is using FUE and FUT techniques both techniques he is using for hair transplant and I am very glad to meet him. I spent around two laces on my hair transplant but at the end Hundred percent result which he promised and he has done one of the great jobs. His centre is in Ludhiana which is one of the very beautiful cities of state Punjab of India and there you will find some good Centres of infertility and good centre for dental treatment too.  Because there is a lot of centre’s and some big hospital like DMC, CMC, Apollo hospitals are there in that city which are very good medical college too so a lot of doctors there in this city and they have done very well and they have their own centre’s now and you people feel good satisfaction when you visit their centre’s