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Easy Ways to Protect Hair

Easy Ways to Protect Hair
Easy Ways to Protect Hair

As we know that in today’s world problem relating to hair fall is increasing at enormous rate and people are looking for solution for it so that they can solve the problem of hair fall as there are some simple methods by trying that we can control hair fall a list of them is as that
Proper diet by proper diet I mean a good or healthy eating habit that one should eat such kind of food which contains proteins, nutrients all the above things are found in green vegetables, fish, egg etc. if we eat these things it will be very good for our hair.

Hair massage with good hair oil such as almond or coconut is very good it will better blood circulation and strengthen our hair roots that will stop hair fall. 
One need to wash his hair with herbal shampoo which does not contain any chemicals and after that one should use conditioner also that will also good for his hair.
Excessive UV rays are also damage hair which result hair fall so one should protect his hair from excessive UV rays. One should not heat up his hair by pressing them because it will cause huge damage to the hair and result hair fall.
Increase the quantity of vitamins - vitamins are very much necessary for our body but vitamins A is considered very necessary for better growth of hairs, another vitamin E is considered necessary for better circulation so that follicles help in production of hair cells
Increase the quantity of proteins for initialization of hair growth proteins are very much necessary, proteins are generally found in eggs, fish, meat etc. so one hold consume the good quantity of proteins.

Use of onion, garlic use- one should use onion garlic juice on scalp and left as it is on scalp for some hours and repeat it regularly for one week than it will show some good results.
Drink more and more water- it is considered that every hair shaft is consist of 25 % of water so one should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily in order to keep his hair healthy.
Apply green tea on hairs- one should pour two bags of green tea in one glass of water and apply that water on hair after applying on hair leave it for an hour than wash your hair it must show some good results.
Smoking and drinking- smoking and drinking both are considered very bad for growth of hairs it will lessen the growth and decreases the strength of hair that result hair fall.
Stress – high stress is another reason of hair fall so one should try to lessen the stress, so one should lessen the stress level so lessen the hair fall.
So if you want to save your hair than you have to follow the tips and if you want to get rid from the baldness than go for the hair transplant surgery or hair transplant in India that is one of the best solution we have.
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