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Follicular Unit Transplantation

Follicular Unit Transplantation
Follicular Unit Transplantation
 Mainly problem of hair loss in men and women is caused due to the interface of three main factors like an inherited tendency toward baldness, male hormones and increasing age. These all three factors may increase the problem of hair loss in people. Along with this it is also true that hair transplant surgery is the right kind of treatment which may prove a factor of great help to the patient in the case if he / she is suffering from excess hair falling problem.

No doubt today with the advancement in the technology with hair transplant surgery now becomes less painful. In the older times during the surgery large sections of scalp were used to be excised but these days due to the advancement in medical field the hair transplant surgery becomes less painful and less time consuming.

Hair transplant normally use to done with the help of two techniques. Out of which one is FUE and the other is FUT. Let’s start discussing about the FUT technique in detail:-

FUT technique which is also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation is a technique under which hair used to be harvest from the donor’s area to the back side of the scalp which normally starts by removing a single and thin strip of tissue. After the hair gets harvested then that area is stapled closed in order to produce or create a fine linear scar. During the transplantation procedure surgeon placed the strip under a series of special stereo-microscopes where it is dissected into smaller follicular units so that these may further replaced into tiny recipient sites which the surgeon tries to create into the bald head. This surgery takes very less time while healing and may also prove a factor of great benefit because it leaves no scars after the transplantation procedure.

Hair transplant in India usually takes a full day in the completion of whole surgery. And it is done by hair transplant surgeons with the help of local anesthesia. To complete this whole process of surgery well qualified staff is needed. So it becomes necessary that while going for hair transplanting procedure one must thoroughly check about the result and achievements of the doctors or of any hospital. The cost of hair transplant in India use to depend on the number of grafts that patient may receive on his scalp during the whole surgery procedure. FUT hair transplant is a surgical restoration technique which helps the patient’s with the bald head. Although one cannot ignore this fact that FUE is the latest approach but instead of this it is almost seen that people of all age mainly like to go for this traditional technique of hair transplanting which is known as FUT and its cost mainly use to depend on the number of grafts which the patient has to bear on his /her scalp during the surgery. To sum up we can say that FUT is one of the complicated techniques but its results are quite reliable. This the main reason that in present times persons who are suffering from baldness problem like to go for this treatment.

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