Monday, 16 February 2015

Is Hair Transplant Treatment is Worth It

Is Hair Transplant Treatment is Worth It
Know Is Hair Transplant Treatment is Worth It
This procedure is held under local anesthesia and takes too long to perform especially in case of FUE hair transplant surgery. After undergoing this restorative surgery, the life of a person changes forever. The confidence gained after plugs will help in transforming the life of an individual. Baldness impacts the life of an individual in terms of social activity, on the professional front and too on the forefront of personal life like marriage etc. so to keep everything tuned one needs to get rid of baldness by opting some measures and taking wise decision like hair transplant surgery.

Though with age a man is expected to lose hair due to male pattern baldness but in young age loosing hair is like a devastating situation and also leads to intolerable lifestyle. The process of hair fall starts actually with hair thinning and hair thinning ultimately leads to shrinking the growth of hair follicles. No doubt some hormones are related for the proper growth, health and shine of hair and that hormone in males is DHT. This hormone is relates to the testosterone. Some men share the notion that as a man looses hair, he becomes more intelligent and with losing hair a man becomes more manly. But these are just myths and nothing to do with the manliness.

Some facts on the hair transplant worth:

1. Prices of hair plugs will vary on the basis of procedure used in it by the hair specialist.

2. The number of hair required on scalp to cover the bald areas is another important factor.

3. A person should be more concerned about the results of hair transplant surgery rather than the cost in hat center.

4. A person who is short of money should ot go for hair transplant as it requires good surgery plus some good after care points.

5. People offering cheap and affordable hair transplant in India will not use proper hygiene methods and will compromise on the part of quality.

6. As it is a cosmetic procedure, it should be get done some practitioner with aesthetic hands. This surgery is not everybody’s cup of tea to perform.

7. For some people who have some another problems than hormonal ones, then hair transplant won’t be successful for them.

8. In single sitting, all hair cannot be restored. Sometimes two to three sessions are required for full hair growth.

9. It is not always so that from a person from whom you are getting the hair transplant done is the surgeon, sometimes experienced lab operators can do the surgery equally well. But provided the scalp problem and baldness reason should be uniquely studied by the hair plug expert.
Some men look good full bald. So it requires the courage whether you want to look natural with complete bald look or you want to look as before or as young man in your twenties with the help of cosmetic surgery. The choice is entirely yours. Folks and no one can snatch this right from you!


  1. I have heard you can get a hair transplant, where a surgeon takes hair grafts from the back or sides of your head and sticks them to the crown.

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  2. True objective of the Hair transplant is getting results with natural appearing hair line and right density of growing lifelong permanent hairs without any signs of treatment being noticeable. Amalgamation of microsurgical techniques and skills over the last decade, has contributed greatly towards achieving complete naturalness without any side effects. With the concept of micrografts and gigasession, a greater amount of hairs can now be harvested and transplanted leading to dramatic change of self-image to a confident look.

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