Monday, 9 February 2015

Hair Transplant is The Only Solution or We Have More?

Yes the most common question when we discuss the hair transplant is the hair transplant is the only solution or not?

Yes I am going to clear all the doubts of the patient regarding the hair transplant
Yes hair transplant is the only and only solution for those who are bald and who have no hair than they have only and only hair transplant is the solution so let’s discuss in details
Actually what happened when we are young we take medicines their side effects  are on our hair so if we want that we don’t loose our hair than the only and only  solution is we have to take some good  diet and also along with that we have to go for some medication like we have to take the hair vitamins because that are one of the best source for our hair so if we want to prevent hair loss we have to take good diet for hair and that is one of the best technique we can say that prevent the hair loss. So let’s discuss in detail regarding the hair transplant using which technique is best FUE hair transplant OR FUT actually both the techniques have good and bad effects but we can differentiate between them 
Like first of all the cost difference.

In case of hair transplant using FUE  the hair transplant is cheaper than the hair transplant using FUT because in case of FUE the Cost of hair transplant is less because there is no surgical work is involve but in case of the FUT there is a surgical work is involve and that is the difference between two because those who want to go for the hair transplant using FUE than have to go for the surgery which is stitch less, scar less , cut less technique and it has no side effects and also there is no  problem of scar in this case so we have to go for the hair transplant using fue that is one of the cheaper approach we can say in compare to the FUT.

Scars: in case of FUT there is a chance of scar and so people are afraid from it. so this is a case in which the hair transplant using FUE  it has no scar problem so that is also one more advantage of the hair transplant using FUE  so let’s discuss the problem of scar in case of hair transplant
In case of FUE AND FUT the patients who go for the hair transplant using FUT they have  reported that in case of FUT they have scar on the back of  the head so actually in case of FUT the strip of the hair is taken  from the back of the head and then that hair are transplanted to the front region of the head  so the area from which the strip is taken there remains the scar so this is the main problem in case of FUT so I you want to know more you can visit our website


  1. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure used to treat baldness or hair loss. Typically, tiny patches of scalp are removed from the back and sides of the head and implanted in the bald spots in the front and top of the head.

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  2. Yes, Hair transplant is a very effective hair restoration technique used nowadays to get rid of the baldness. FUE hair transplant is the newest technique that can help create very natural results. cost of hair transplant depends on various factors like no. of grafts required, type of baldness and location.

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  5. There might be other option for your underlying hair loss if the condition is temporary but when there is severe hair fall, there bald patches may occur and hair transplant is the right solution. Don't worry, it gives realistic results.
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