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Baldness Problem in Men and Women

Baldness Problem in Men and Women
Baldness Problem in Men and Women

Baldness which is also called alopecia or severe type of hair loss is normally common in men as compared to female. This is also due to genetic factors which pours its impact on aging. Problem of baldness may also arises due to poor local skin conditions and it may also arises when diseases that affect the body generally. Normally human hair use to sit in a cavity in the human skin which is called a follicle. When follicles in human hair starts shrinking then shorter and finer hair starts existing then the problem of baldness starts occurring.

 It is also seen in men that who use to possess bald head the follicles in such persons fails to grow new hair. However the main reason of this weakness is not properly understood but one thing becomes definite that it is mainly happens due to the changes in male sex hormones. Sometimes it is also seen that due to different medications which mainly used to treat cancer also may arises the problem of hair loss. Many times due to poor diet with lots of junk food also arises the problem of over a period of years but in spite of  great advancement in medical field scientist still not able to find the ways through which one may able to avoid his /her hair from falling.

Other major reasons due to which anybody may suffer from problem of baldness is smoking, heavy drinking, including stress and sun exposure of the head may also arises the hair fall problem to great extent. Normally high testosterone levels are associated with hair loss. Most types of hair loss have no cure at the present time. Due to which person suffering from male-pattern or female-pattern baldness may undergo hair surgery in which the transplant done by taking hair from one part of the body and transplanted.  Along with this it is also true that medications are another option through which one may also enjoy healthy hair.

Diet also plays a major role by helping to enjoy healthy hair. Diet with lots of junk food could promote inflammation and be harmful where as healthy diet may automatically reduce the problem of hair falling to great extent. To enjoy good hair one must eat fish oils pills which may prove a factor of benefit by promoting health. Fish oils also may prove a source of benefit in this field also. Normally health of one’s hair or one’s scalp may mainly depend on the internal balance. Many times hair loss may be caused due to many types of medical disorders in such cases to diagnose such typical disorders biopsy is needed. Usually male pattern baldness use to diagnose on the basis of appearance and it also may depend on the pattern of hair loss. Usually male pattern baldness occurs due to the hormonal imbalance and also due to some bias. It is absorbed that in human the hair  about an inch in a couple of months which remains growing for at least 2to 6 years but after that it starts shedding away.

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