Monday, 9 February 2015

Hair Transplant And Its Technique

what are the techniques of hair transplant or surgery and which is one of the best technique and what we have to follow?

Hair transplant has two techniques
One is FUE hair transplant and other one is FUT hair transplant
In FUE hair transplant is one of the non-surgical technique and results are very good in this technique and other one is FUT this is the surgical technique and there we have proper strip technique we can say. 

So these two are the technique of hair transplant and both have merits and demerits we can compare the two technique in detail
First is FUE hair transplant
FUE hair transplant is the technique which is also called Stitch less technique and this technique we can is one of the best technique for those who don’t want to go for cut and stitches and this technique is stitch free technique . this technique is use for those patient who want to go for the FUE technique. The FUE technique has many good results like in case of this the patient not has to under go any cut this technique has one of the fastest recovery time lets list all in points
1 This FUE is one of the technique which is There is no cut , no scar
2. FUE is the technique which is also we can say one of the hair transplant technique in the recovery time is very fast and we have to go for the ten to fifteen days rest after the hair transplant next day we can go for our routine tasks. So this is one of the fastest technique we can say for the hair transplant.
3. The recovery time is so fast that  is one of the reason we can say that’s why patient go for it.
4 this technique has one of the more advantage is that there is no problem of the scar in this technique means the patient has no problem of the scar and the hair transplant is scar free
5 The cost of hair transplant in this technique the cost of the hair transplant is not so high means the patient who want to go for the hair transplant he has to go for this technique and the cost is less as compare to other technique.
So these are the advantages of the technique that is why it is becoming so popular.
Now lets discuss the FUT technique
In case of FUT the patient has to go for the hair transplant surgery we can say it is the strip surgery and if we find FUT Hair Transplant In India and we can find many centres that are one of the best treatment providing in north India. Similarly if you search for the FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT IN INDIA and we will find many centres that are one of the best centres for the hair transplant and they are providing best treatment in FUE. So lets discuss the benefits of FUT.
FUT has many benefits
In case of FUT the hair which are extracted in the form of the strip they are taken from the root and that is one of the major advantage of the hair transplant using FUT. So in case of FUT the hair transplant using this technique the hair growth is good and also
2 most advantage of FUT is that the hair growth and results are best than the FUE.
So above is the basic difference between these two- techniques and if you still have doubts you can visit our website and read there and clear your doubts before going for any technique


  1. FUT hair transplant is probably the best technique for hair transplant you can get a FUT hair transplant surgery in many parts of the country if you are from the northern part of the country than going for a hair transplant in patiala is the most recommended option for you.

  2. Hair Transplant is the procedure to get your hair back in a natural way. FUE and FUT are techniques of hair transplant.Every technique is different from other and cost is also different. But It is the Safe and Permanent solution for hair.