Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hair Transplant Using FUT

Yes today a lot of person going for the hair transplant but the biggest concern is how much is the life of the hair transplant the biggest question we have this so the ultimate answer and solution of the problem is that we have to go for the hair surgery and this is one of the best solution because in this the hair transplant is permanent. I am going to write an article in which I am going to describe the hair transplant using fut. In case of FUT we have to take care of one thing that the hairs which are taken from the back of the head that have no scar on the back of the head. So the doctor which are performing hair transplant they have to take care that the patient has no scar on his head or back of the head so that is the main take care of the hair transplant. So lets discuss one more point how much is the cost and what are the best clinic’s for hair transplant in India. So let’s discuss the cost of hair transplant. Cost of hair transplant varies from person to person as it depends upon the number of grafts require for hair transplant. Generally in some cases the donor area is less and in that case we cannot take the hair from the back of the head so we have to take the hair from the body part. The body hair transplant we can done only in case of the FUE hair transplant because in case of FUE the hair transplant of the  hair taken from the other body part can be performed so this is done in hair transplant.

 So let’s discuss one more point BENEFITS AND DRAWBACK of FUT hair transplant.

In case of FUT the hair are taken in the form of strip so it is a strip surgery so it is one of the best technique for hair transplant as the hair are taken from its root because that is one of the reason the hair which are taken from the back of the head along with their roots they have better chance of growth and they grow well this is the one and I think one of the best benefits of hair transplant.
Let discuss the main limitation of this technique
Body hair transplant in this technique we use body hair transplant and that is one of the drawback of this FUT as this is the strip surgery and that is one of the reason that in case of FUT we cannot perform the strip surgery and that is one of the drawback of FUT so it is the technique helpful only in that case where the patient has full donor area so means when the patient is going for surgery he has good donor area for FUT.

So this is all about FUT if you have doubts you can search over web FUT hair transplant in India and gather information more about this and then go for the surgery


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