Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hair fall reasons

Hair transplant in India

1. Frequent use of chemical products: Shampoo, oils which we are using today they have chemical in it and that will cause serious hair problems actual the chemical in hair effects the hair at so much extend even our hair start whiting due to the effect of the chemical so to avoid such white hair we have to use shampoo and conditioner not regularly as this may affect our hair growth and to avoid this we have to use some natural method like use of curd on hair because that will prevent our hair from loss.

2. Junk food: Junk food is one of the main source of hair loss we people use junk food more and more and that is the major cause of hair loss because junk food when consumes it provide no nutrition and it takes away all the nutrition values and so we have to avoid intake of junk food and start doing some other practice when we want to eat junk food we have to avoid it and we have to take some healthy diet to avoid this junk food.

 3. Harsh weather conditions: we use Ac’s in our rooms, offices that is one of the main cause of hair loss  because extend use of these cause our hair damage and we have to avoid the use of such air conditioners as these are not good for our hair and they led to the hair fall.

 4. Gender: as the hair fall is in both men and women so there is no such distinction there only difference in the baldness is the hair fall in women in women is not so noticeable as in case of men, in women the hair transplant is not so successful as in case of men and the hair loss pattern in women and men are different both have different pattern of baldness.

 5 Sleep deprivation: the cause of hair loss is one which is related to your sleep as we people take poor sleep that also cause of hair loss so if not take proper sleep than its lead to the hair loss in us so it is necessary that we take proper sleep to avoid any hair loss.

 6  Medications and treatments: some time person suffering from a disease that is not cure without medicine for that he/she has to consume some medicine that have adverse effect on our hair so to avoid such medicine effects we have to take some vitamins for hair that will cause of that will neutralize the effect of the medicine. but sometimes some medicine and patients who are suffering from disease like cancer in that case radio waves cause a lot of damage to our hair so we have to avoid that and use some proper medication and treatments.

So this is all about the hair and its factors which are cause of hair loss so those who have hair loss and baldness the only solution for them is to go for hair transplant. So if you want good hair transplant in India than you have to visit some centres in Punjab, Ludhiana


  1. There are so many reasons behind hair loss like hormones, genetic, environment, atmosphere, diet and lack of exercise etc. However, there are many other causes of hair loss in men and women which has been defined by so many people.

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