Friday, 21 November 2014

Hair Loss And Constipation

These two terms are different but they are connected with each other. If we search these terms and then we will find that each term is connected with each. So let’s discuss one by one.

Hair loss is very common in men and women. So if you search on internet using this keyword hair loss in men and women you will get a lot of data over and it and you will find many centre’s that are providing you the hair loss treatment actually I am a doctor and I have seen many cases in which the patient is suffering from the hair loss because of the constipation problem, actually our stomach is the main cause of many problems. Hair loss starts in some person earlier in their life as hair loss is concern with the diet pattern and what shampoo or what cleansing measures that person use and how many days after he wash his head so these are the cleaning factors and they all have concern with the hair loss but the main point here is the hair loss is concern with our stomach problem. So now I am going to write that what are the measures we have to take to avoid hair loss.

1 massage the hair yes we have to massage the hair but the main factor is how often we massage the hair and how speedy we have to do the massage and what technique we have to follow while massaging the hair. So these are some common points and measures which one has to follow while massaging the head. So let’s discuss one by one.

Everybody has to massage the hair because with the help of massage the blood in our veins of the head circulate more fast and we have good growth of the hair. But when we start massage of our hair we have to take care that our hair roots will not damage due to that massage because if we do so much massage then our hair follicles become damage and that is the main cause of hair fall in some men. Because we people follow the thing that massage is good for hair health but we not consider the fact that hair massage is also some what we can say a technique through which we have to massage without any damage to our hair.

So hair massage is one of the best therapy we can say for the hair loss treatment and if you have permanent baldness than hair transplant is one of the best solution you have if you want to restore your hair back. For best hair transplant you have to visit some hair transplant surgeon and ask him what to do and how many grafts he can implant through hair transplant. If you search with the help of keyword hair transplant in India you will find many centre here in India that have best doctors and will guide you good for hair transplant


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