Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hair Transplant Using FUT

Fut which is also best known as strip surgery in this technique we follow the strip of the skin and then under microscope we will extract the hair and then transplant to bald region of the head so let’s discus what are the chances of success in case of fut and how much is the cost of hair transplant using fut?

Fut is one of the best techniques if you have one of the best doctors which can perform well. In fut the strip of hair is taken from the back of the head and then that hair extracted from that strip is transferred to the bald region of the head this surgery is one of the best result. So what are the charges for this surgery?

First of all you have to find it on the internet regarding the surgery and you can use the keyword FUT hair transplant Surgery in India or you can choose the keyword fue hair transplant both the technique are used for hair transplant and you will find the doctor that perform both the techniques it is up to the patient that he want to go for fut or fue.

Fut has many benefits as in this technique the hair are extracted from the roots and then they are transplanted to the bald areas of the head so the chances of the results are more and better in fut hair transplant. You will find many centres of fut hair transplant in India especially states like Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh and you will find many good doctors regarding fut hair transplant. What happened what is the procedure follows in fut all I will explain in this article.

Lets first clear one doubt that what in case a person has less donor area yes in that case person can’t go for fut as in case of fut the hair is taken in the form of strip so this is the strip surgery so the hair taken from the back in the form of strip and they can’t be taken from other body parts like body parts include chest, beared we can’t take hair from them using fut in that case fue is possible so this is the limitation of fut that only. means if a person has less donor area then he can go for fue hair transplant using body hair transplant but not fut. so this article clearly tell this thing that fut is one of the technique which is used in those cases where the person has good donor area and in those cases where the person wants body hair transplant than he has to go for fue hair transplant surgery.


  1. FUT hair transplant is the popular technique of hair transplant and hair restoration, but not much popular than FUE as it is one of the preferable one.

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