Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Baldness and what is the solution for baldness?

Baldness is the term which is refer to the bald head means a person who is bald he has a bald head. So let’s discuss is baldness is in males or females? The baldness is in both. So let’s discuss this in brief. first of all I want to discuss male baldness and what are the solution for it
Male baldness and its solution
In male the baldness starts from the front of the head because there is no hormone we can say that effects the male head from back only it can affect the front pattern so the male baldness is the baldness which we can say connected to the frontal part of the head. Let’s discuss about the solution of the male baldness. The male baldness can be cure with the help of two techniques

First is hair transplant.
Second is hair weaving?
First one is hair transplant: hair transplant is a technique in which we go for two techniques hair transplant using fue and second one is fut. and this technique is very much common India if you type hair transplant in India you will find good centre’s So we can say FUE hair transplant and second one is fut hair transplant so these two are the techniques for hair transplant. So let’s discuss them in short
Fue hair transplant is also called body hair transplant because if the donor area of the person is too short that we can’t take enough hair than we can go for body hair transplant
Second one is fut hair transplant which is called the strip level transplant in this technique we can go for the strip of hair which is taken from the back of the head and then the hair are extracted and transplanted to the front part of the head. so this is the technique which is very common these days it is a surgical technique and one should has to go for this technique over fue as this has good results
Now let’s discuss about the hair weaving
Hair weaving is the temporary solution it is we can a Wig which is design for your head and you can wear it and you will look quite young but if you go in crowdie place than people can easily judge your hair that you have artificial one not original one. So that one is the effect of hair weaving. So hair weaving is the wig technique.

Now let’s discuss about the female hair loss
In female hair loss is very common and in female the hair loss is more than males but due to long hair the baldness is not so much visible as in case of male hair. So the best solution is to go for first mesotherapy technique. As in mesotherapy the female is giving the treatment and the hair loss is preventing in some cases it is not so best technique we can say. It has some good results in some cases. And finally if they want new hair than they have to go for hair transplant that is the only and final option we can we have for female hair loss.


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