Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hair transplant Re-grow

How we can Re-grow our hair back and what is the solution to Re-grow our hair. So the best solution to re-grow our hair is go for some medication. Like you have to take some medicine that will help your hair to re-grow yes that is one of the best solution this type of information you Are getting from many newspaper ,websites ,journals but yes this is totally false the best solution for the hair Regrow is to go for hair transplant. So the hair transplant is one of the best treatments we can say which will help you to regrow your hair. So if you want to regain back your hair than only and only solution is hair transplant. None medicine will re-GROW your hair back so it is a false information which you are receiving about hair transplant so let’s decided that only hair transplant is one of the best option so let’s discuss what are the techniques we have to use for hair transplant
First technique is hair transplant using FUE.

FUE hair transplant is one of the best techniques for hair transplant it is one of the surgical technique and using this technique you can go for hair transplant. But mind one thing this technique is costly as compare to other techniques so when we want to go for FUE hair transplant, we have to take care about our budget and also we have to take care that before going to this technique we have to find some good centre that has good doctor that can do it as good as he can. So let’s start discuss about the hair transplant technique that is FUE. FUE is one of the Stitch less, Cut less, bloodless technique and it is one of the best technique for those who afraid from the blood, scar and cut. So there is so many people who even afraid from the injection and this technique is for them even this technique has some blood expels when doctor is performing the hair transplant but this technique is one of the best technique. So in this technique the hair which are at the back of the head (donor area). Are extracted and than that hair are planted on the front part of the head. So when the hair is planted at the front part of the head that hair are Regrow and the result in the one of the best hair. So with the help of FUE you can regain your hair back that is the truth of hair transplant using FUE.

Let’s discuss about FUT. In FUT the hair which are taken from the back of the head are taken in the form of the strip and that Is why FUT is called the strip surgery and this is one of the best technique and people use this technique as much as they want it is somehow painful technique and the result is also very good in this technique but it is stitch technique or we can strip technique. So visit some hair transplant centre in India and go for best hair loss treatment for men and women.


  1. Nice blog..!!! Hair loss can be a stressful experience for both men and women. Men hair transplant or women hair transplant is the best solution for men or women suffering from baldness. FUE hair transplant is the newest technique that can help create very natural results.

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