Monday, 3 October 2016

What Is To Expect During Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is surgical procedure which is based on the principle that hair follicles can be shifted and even can grow normally after shifting. Patient can get his hair back after this 4-8 hours procedure for lifetime.

During the surgery local anesthesia is applied for complete numbness of the scalp but the patient remains awake during the surgery. In some cases mild sedative can be given to help the patients to get relax.

Before surgery healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are selected as the donor follicles so the surgery begins with preparation of donor area. Dermatologists remove the selected donor follicles as per the requirements of patient. 

Extraction process can be either with the strip method or with the individual removal of follicles according to the eligibility of candidate for either method.

In the first FUT or strip removal method strip of hair bearing skin is extracted and dissected in the small grouping of follicular units and then these units are transplanted in the bald portion. This method leaves the linear scar in the donor area. Even in this method patient’s head is bandaged after closing the wound of Strip removal.

In the FUE methods individual follicular units are removed and transplanted directly in the thinning or no hair portions. This method takes long time but leaves only pit scars that get recovered in few days. 

Same day patient can get discharged and even after 2-3 days can resume his routine activities.


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