Saturday, 15 October 2016

Is It Realistic To Expect Thicker Hair?

People seek for thicker and natural hair even after the hair loss so adopt various treatment options but hair transplant remain always there first choice as it is the procedure that can meet their expectations.
Adults also seek for surgeries so that they can come up with the lush mane. FUT hair transplant is technique that can offer the great results to such patients and even it has been the talk of town. Popularity and success ratio of this procedure has made it widely acceptable all over the world.
What is the procedure?
As we know the human hairs grow in clusters of 1-3 follicles and these clusters are called follicular units. In the follicular unit transplant technique belt of healthy hair follicles is removed and after separating them in the natural clusters the excess tissue around the unit are trimmed. In the procedure as clusters are very small in size so leaves hardly visible scarring after extraction.
Due to minimal damage of tissues while removal and less visible scars the success rate for this procedure is higher. But for the successful hair transplant in Pathankot there is need for the experienced hands with the artistic skills only then desired look can be obtained.
Even patients can restore their hair with thicker appearance of them with this result oriented procedure so it has become realistic to dream for the thicker locks even after the severe baldness as this procedure can restore hair as per the expectations of the patient up to great extent.


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