Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Some Post Surgery Instructions

• After the hair transplant procedure you feel little bit pain but don’t take serious after some time you feel relax. If you feel so much pain then you can immediately consult to your hair transplant surgeon.

• Make sure you take some medicines as prescribed but don’t take any medicines with empty stomach. First eat something then take medicines.

• Take proper and heavy diet after the hair transplant treatment. Take some proteins, irons and vitamins that are very beneficial for your hair.

• Avoid spicy food, alcohol and cigarette after the hair restoration procedure. And also use soft pillow for sleeping.


Make sure you follow your hair transplant surgeon instruction to remove your bandage. Don’t wet you hair while bathing and you can clean your grafts regularly. You follow all the instruction of the hair transplant surgeon very carefully.

Do not rub or comb your grafts

After the hair transplant do not rub or comb your hair. After the few weeks you can use comb.


After 2 weeks take a walk or do normal exercise but, do not stretch your head

Post operative swelling

Post operative swelling is common so don’t take and tension. After some days swelling can be invisible.


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