Thursday, 22 December 2016

Why does Hair Loss Affects Women?

There are many reasons behind the hair loss problem in women. Also, many women are in search for the answers on why hair loss is affecting them.

But hair transplant technique has greatly solved their problem of hair loss. The industry of hair transplant has the flourishing and bright scope in solving the problem of the hair loss problem. No doubt, there are many treatments to overcome the problem in women but hair transplant is leading surgery among them.

Let us have look on three main reasons of the hair loss in women:

•    Hair thinning
Hair thinning is women results in female pattern hair loss problem in which they get baldness in their crown area. This can be considered same as the male pattern hair loss. This generally occurs because of inheritance or in women it can also be due to hormonal imbalance problem.

•    Hair shedding
The increase in hair shedding is also termed as telogen effluvium. This can cause severe illness problems like typhoid, malaria, poor diet, iron deficiency, and even because of thyroid disorders.

•    Hair breakage
Hair breakage does not mean the breakage from roots but it is the breakage along the length of hair while shampooing, combing and hair styling. Also, the bleaching, coloring, ironing, straightening of hair can make them weak and hence the hair breakage occurs very easily.

Also, there are several lifestyle habits that can make the hair loss in women. To get the permanent solution, you can get the best hair transplant in Chandigarh.


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  3. Some reason of hair loss:

    1 Bad hair etiquette
    2 PCOS
    3 Anemia
    4 Menopause
    5 Labour

    "The Hair is The Richest Ornament Of Women" That's Why every women get affected because of hair loss.

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