Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Final Step in Hair Transplantation – Hair Graft Placement

The final and very important step in the hair transplant treatment is the hair graft placement. The graft is the type of tissue with one or more hair follicles that has been removed from the donor areas and has to be placed on the bald areas.

The patient is not able to see the surgical procedure of graft placement but he wants the perfect result of the surgery that only depends on the technique and skills of the placement of grafts.

So what basically takes place during grafts placement? 

If there is a healthy communication between a patient and physician then must clear all his queries related to the treatment and also the physician should make him understand about the procedure of graft placement in detail. The patient is fully awake during the process of graft placement but the pain and discomfort are controlled with local anesthesia or if needed with anti-anxiety pills.

 Prelude to Graft Placement

The graft placement is usually preceded with:

Initial consultation
The initial consultation is there with your physician and that should be a specialist and the decision to choose the type of hair transplant. 
There is the proper examination of your medical history, family history and also the physical examination includes laboratory tests and scalp examination to know the cause.
Patient-physician discussion
This will include all the clarification and discussion of the topics of hair transplantation and even if you want to go for facial hair transplant surgery in India then also you must discuss its techniques and the extent of facial hair.
Pretransplantation planning
This will involve the planning of how many sessions would be needed for whole treatment.


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