Monday, 5 September 2016

Hair Transplant- Long Term Outlook

Hair transplantation is popular method of hair reversing and boon for those that are concerned for their locks. It is surgical method in which hair follicles are shifted from one permanent zone called donor area of head to the bald areas.

In this anesthetic procedure patient can get treatment without any discomfort. This procedure is safe, scar free and painless and even patient may recover within few days.  

Sometime patient may face the problems like swelling, redness and mild pain but all these get vanish within few days.  This surgical procedure is considered as long term investment on the sake of little cost of hair transplant.  

Transplanted hair continue to grow for rest of time in the transplanted areas of scalp however the new hair may appear more or less dense depending on the various factors like laxity of scalp, density of follicles in the surgically treated zone, quality of hair and even curl of hair.

But actually if we consider the long term outlook of this treatment then various facts can affect such as

  • Age of patient
  • Health of the patient
  • Medical and family history of patient for hair loss
  • Reason and extent of baldness
  • Stability of baldness problem
  • Determination of the patient for after care
  • Hair characteristics
  • Realistic expectations of patient

It is important to consider all above facts before deciding about the feasibility of results. Moreover the experience and artistic skills of surgeon also add to the survival of grafts and their natural appearance.


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