Tuesday, 23 October 2018

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Relationship of Hair Issues with Health

It will be surprising to hear that our hair can tell about our health but it is true that the condition and density of our hair can tell about the condition of our health. There are three most common changes in hair quality and conditions that depict about your poor health as follows:

Abrupt and excessive hair shedding

If you are suffering due to excessive and abrupt hair loss then it can be the result of some prolonged or excessive mental or physical stress. Stress can trigger the telogen effluvium in which the hair follicles forcefully get enter into the resting phase before their maturity as a result of which you experience the hair fall more than usual. Even this stress can affect adversely to the production of oil as it makes the hair to look more greasy than usual. Thus your hair falling is a sign of your stress.

Dry hair with slower growth

If you are having dry, fragile hair that has the slower growth than usual then it can be a sign of deficiency of some nutrients in your body. Your weaker hair follicles depict about the lack of nutrients like zinc and iron which is also essential for growth of hair follicles.

Receding Hairline

If you are suffering from the receding hairline issue means from the pattern baldness then also it depicts about your poor health. Although the Androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss occurred due to genetic issues tow studies have shown the link between premature shedding of hair follicles and heart diseases and even men affected from Androgenetic alopecia also found to be triggered by poor sugar control.

Thus, your hair says many things about your health; even the hair loss can also lead to poor mental health as abrupt hair loss leads to loss of confidence and self-esteem and become a reason for anxiety and depression so it is very important to take care of your hair not for good looks but also for good health. Thus choose treatments like hair transplant in Ludhiana so that you could restore your crown glory and best health.


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