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Permanent Solution to Cope With Hair Loss Problem

Permanent Solution to Cope With Hair Loss Problem
Permanent Solution to Cope With Hair Loss Problem

As we all know that human hair is made of follicles which are just like tiny pouches. Normally ones hair grows from each follicle for about three years but after the completion of that particular period the older one sheds away and in that place a new hair grows from that follicle. In this way this cycle of growing hair, shedding and then growing of new hair goes on throughout the whole life. No doubt with the advancement in the field of medical term many types of permanent solution are now available to cope with the problem of hair loss. Today with the help of advanced equipments many centers added in the list of best hair transplant in India.

Normally hair transplant technique which is used to done with the help of Follicular Unit Extraction is in reality has emerged as a revolution in the field of hair transplantation.
This technique is getting popularity because it is a perfect combination of quality and affordable prices. This technique also provides good quality of result and the patient’s satisfaction. It appears as a matter of satisfaction for those who are looking for such an option which may deal with hair loss in men and women by means of hair transplantation.
As we all know this fact that hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure which is normally adopted to cope with the problem of hair loss.  Usually this technique of Hair transplants involves taking out hair from one part of the scalp and grafting these back into the bald area or the area where the hair growth is very less.

Another important fact which uses to deal with the hair transplant surgery is its cost. The cost of hair transplant in India use to depend on the number of grafts. Normally during one sitting or in one session thousands of hair may get transplant. And it may take a time period of ten days in healing all the wounds and after the gap of at least ten days the patient’s stitches may get removed. But this does not mean that there is no necessity to visit again to the surgeon but instead of it reality is that the patient may have to visit the surgeon at least three or four times until he /she may able to achieve such growth of hair which they want to achieve.

The important factor which can not be ignored is that after the hair transplant surgery patient has to take proper care to avoid any type of problem. Here below given are

Some important tips which are necessary to follow after the treatment these features are:-

After the surgery the patient is advised not to engage himself in any sport activities at least for three weeks. The patient is advised to avoid heavy sports like bungee jumping, body building and foot ball etc.
For the next three weeks patient is advised to avoid swimming.
Patient is also advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
In the case of dandruff or itching the patient can use dandruff shampoo and also any lotion to lessen the itching problem.


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